10 Reasons Why Morocco Should Be Your Next Destination

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The land of Morocco ( more on wikpedia here) is full of historical and cultural splendors. From breathtaking architecture, gorgeous natural landscapes, to exquisite cuisine and hidden gems across the land.

There’s something for everyone in Morocco to discover and enjoy. Read on to learn about 10 reasons why you should visit Morocco right now!


1- Historical Imperial Cities


imperial-city morocco


Located in North Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is home to cities rich in history and culture. History buffs and casual travelers alike will surely enjoy visiting the 4 imperial cities.

Beginning with Rabat, the capital city, while it is now pretty modernized it is also home to various architectural wonders stemming from Morocco’s Islamic and French-colonial heritage.

Visitors can expect an interesting experience when checking out historical attractions such as the Kasbah of the Oudaias and the Royal Mausoleum.

If you’re seeking to get into the heart of Moroccan culture, then look no further than the city of Marrakesh where you can get a taste of some shopping at the various souks or sample some traditional Moroccan cuisine. By the way , here top attractions I Marrekech.

You’ll never run out of places to explore once you decide to visit Morocco.


2- Exquisite Traditional Cuisine


moroccan cuisine


Sampling the unique and exotic cuisine is one of the reasons to visit Morocco. Flavorful spices are a must-have in any Moroccan kitchen.

With bread as their staple food, Moroccans enjoy it in a variety of traditional forms such as khobz, msemen, and baghrir. The most common meat found in Moroccan cuisine is chicken with other varieties such as lamb, mutton and beef also occasionally found in their dishes.

A wide variety of fresh fish and seafood are also popular and abundant in the coastal areas, with sardines as the staple fish in ethnic cuisine. Try out some popular Moroccan dishes like couscous and tagine. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, their desserts will not disappoint! Sample different pastries such as Cornes de gazelle or Chebakya and wash it down with some signature Moroccan mint tea.


3- Vibrant and Multi-cultural Influences


tetouan morocco


Another reason to visit Morocco is to witness the fascinating blend of various cultures. The population consists of Arabs and Berbers which have greatly contributed to the traditions and cultures practiced today.

There are influences from various cultures such as the Andalusian muslims as well as colonial influences from the French, Portuguese and Spanish.

What makes Morocco unique is that despite being a majority Islamic country, there are also Jewish influences in Morocco. In fact, it’s the only place in the Arab world to house a Jewish Museum which can be found in Casablanca.


4- Experience a Shopping Haven at the Souks


moroccan souk


A souk is a traditional marketplace which you can find in every major city and town in Morocco. It’s an experience of the senses as you will be introduced to vibrant sights, sounds and scents as you explore each souk. Haggling is a common practice here and the experience is even more exciting when you meet the friendly locals.

You won’t want to miss out on checking out a variety of spices, traditional clothing and materials, tea sets, lamps, musical instruments and of course snacks! There will definitely be places to buy some souvenirs and tourists knick knacks in the more popular cities.


5- Wide Variety of Accommodation to Suit your Travels


morocco riad


Morocco caters to all sorts of travelers all year round. Accommodations can range to modern and chic 5-star hotels to quaint apartments. For a more rustic experience that lets you mingle and live like a local, try out the traditional Riads and Dars which offer airy spaces.

There are even accommodations that let you pitch a tent and experience the outdoors or even sign up for Moroccan cooking classes. In Morocco, there’s a little something for everyone to satisfy your wanderlust.


6- Beautiful Beaches across the Coastline


beaches morocco


Morocco is blessed by bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This means there are various beaches along the coast for you to unwind and relax on. Tangier and Agadir are popular among international tourists while loca

ls will tend to frequent Asilah and El Jadida. If you’re active and enjoy a variety of water sports then Essaouria will be the perfect beach destination for you. This gives you more than enough reason to visit Morocco.


7- Easy-Access to the Sahara Desert


desert sahara morocco


Morocco also provides several locations to directly access the world’s largest hot desert. There are various experienced guides and operators that will be more than willing to take you on an expedition to remember through the Sahara desert.

You can also choose to cross the vast desert either by foot, on a camel or even on a dune buggy. Come nightfall, the desert is also the most ideal location for some stargazing as there’ll be clear skies throughout the night. Definitely bring a camera along to capture the magnificent landscapes that come once in a lifetime!


8- Breathtaking Landscapes and Mountain Ranges


moroccan landscape


For the experienced hiker, Morocco would be an ideal destination as it has 3 different mountain ranges. The Atlas Mountains are divided into the High Atlas, Middle Atlas and Anti Atlas. Thrill-seekers can explore the highest mountain of Morocco, Jbel Toubkai in the High Atlas all year round.

Another place for lovers of the outdoors would be The Rif Mountains. Experience a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.

You can even visit some Berber villages and do some wildlife and bird spotting while you’re out there to fully immerse yourself in the great nature of Morocco.


9- Warm and Cosy Interiors


moroccan traditional house


If you ever get a chance to step into a traditional home in Morocco, you will surely not be disappointed! The warm and cozy interiors compliment the hospitality of the locals.

Notably one of the charm points of Moroccan homes. The bright and vivid colors give off a welcoming appeal along with their low furniture and elegant lanterns. It’s definitely something unique to the culture as their interiors are as charming as their exterior architecture.


10- Safety and Security


tourist safety morocco


While security is a main concern for any traveler nowadays, rest assured that Morocco is completely safe. It is only advised to follow common safety practices as you would in any destination you travel to.

Besides common occurrences such as petty thefts and scams, the crime rate in Morocco is relatively low. Paired with the local hospitality and variety of facilities readily available for tourists, it has become an ideal and safe destination for all sorts of travelers.

Women can visit Morocco without worrying over any harassment and even though Morocco is a majority Islamic nation, there is no compulsion to wear the hijab for women.

Those are among the reasons to visit Morocco. Hopefully with these considerations in mind, you’ll already be set and prepared for your next travel escapade into the wonders of Morocco. Travel safe!

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