Chefchaouen: 8 Places To Visit In Morocco’s Blue City

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Chefchaouen was initially known as Chaouen, which is a Berber term meaning “spikes.” The name lives up to the city, located in a mountainous region between the cities of Tetouan and Fez.

Chefchaouen was founded in 1471 by Ali Ben Rachid as a base for the Berber tribes to launch attacks against the Portuguese who then occupied Ceuta and planned to attack Moroccan cities.

The city expanded in 1494 with the arrival of Muslim and Jewish refugees from Granada. The new inhabitants built white houses with small balconies. The prevailing blue tint throughout the city was introduced only around 1930.

In addition to the peculiar bluish Medina, Chefchaouen is a rich center of culture that combines traditions of Berber, Muslim, Jewish and Moorish tribal peoples.

There you can find typical handicrafts made by tribal people, such as colorful tapestries that tell the history of the region.

Here are Top attractions in Chefchaouen.

1. Uta Al-Hammam Square.

When you arrive in the blue city of Morocco, the first place you see is this. It is the main square where everyone meets before taking a walk or eating. It is full of restaurants and tea stalls.

2. The Great Mosque.

great mosque chefchaouen

Located in the same square of Uta Al-Hamman, you can easily find it the great mosque since it is quite high compared to the other structures.

The building is extended with an elongated octagonal tower and has about three floors. From this mosque, you have spectacular views of the blue city of Morocco.

3. Kasbah Museum.

In the center of the Medina is the Kasbah Museum, an ethnographic center surrounded by an Andalusian garden. In the museum, you can see artifacts that tell the history of the region, as well as an art gallery.

Also, as the city is situated in the Rife Mountains, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. Activities such as hiking and camping can be done by tourists who want to explore the surroundings of Chefchaouen.

4.Waterfalls of Ras el Maa.

On the slopes of the mountain fall these waterfalls of cold water. Some locals take advantage of riding beach bars so that tourists can feel close to the waterfall and the water gets their feet wet.

The views are breathtaking. You will get to hear the sound of the water hitting the rocks, which makes one feel like he or she is in paradise.

Around here are some stalls where you can have a mint tea, there are local craft stalls and also to add color, you will find peacocks circling the place.

5. Outdoor Activities In Chefchaouen.

In addition to the waterfall, it is also possible to go hiking through the Rife Mountains. The trails can take a day or several and may include starry sky camps or more upscale lodgings if that’s your style of choice.

6. Chefchaouen Is Also Attractive to Those Who like To Taste Something New.


As in other parts of Morocco, the availability of various spices makes local cuisine a separate experience. In addition to the food, try the traditional Moroccan mint tea, which is part of the daily routine of locals.

7. Shopping In Chefchaouen.


Still, there are amazing typical products that certainly catch the eye of those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. Some of the items that you can find in Chefchaouen’s Medina (and other parts of Morocco) are silverware, rugs, jewelry, ceramics, and leather goods.

Moroccan art is really very special, with its typical colors and patterns, so you should take a look at the beautiful products on offer at Chefchaouen.

8.The Medina.

In this beautiful city, you will have the opportunity to walk inside the Medina and contemplate its streets and its blue colors. Besides, within the Medina, there are many options for a traveler.

Apart from being a maze with beautiful houses and streets, Chaouen is also divided into several neighborhoods. Among them Jewish neighborhood, Es Sueca neighborhood, Jaracín neighborhood, Es Sok neighborhood, Rif Andalús neighborhood, En Onsar neighborhood, Rif Sebbanin neighborhood and finally the Lubar neighborhood.

When in Morocco you should plan a visit to Chefchaouen. There, you will get to experience unforgettable and breathtaking views. Besides, you will enjoy the beautiful climate together with the serene environment.

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