Tangier: The New Business Center Of Morocco

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Tangier is a wonderful tourist region as a noteworthy city in the northern part of the nation of Morocco.

This city, which engages in the usage of both the Arabic and Berber languages, is situated on the Western entrance pertaining to the Straight of Gibraltar on the Maghreb coast.

This amazing city, which is rich with culture, is identified as being the capital of the region of Tanger, Tetouan and Al Hoceima. Many cultures have had a strong impact on this city over the centuries.

In the year of 1923, the city gained notoriety with foreign powers. It then become a popular location for diplomats from both America and Europe. Also, businessmen and writers frequently traveled to Tangier.

Much development and modernization have been taking place within the region of Tangier. New projects which are related to the tourism industry have risen within the vicinity of the bay area.

Also, there has been the construction of an ultra modern business district, which is referred to as the Tangier City Center.

Further, the city has experienced the construction of a new football stadium. In addition, there has been the development of a new airport terminal.

The economy of this city will also likely continue to experience an enormous boost as a result of the new Tanger-Med port.

The climate of Tangier is undeniably Mediterranean, which is why this city is such a popular tourist destination choice among many travelers.

However, Tangier does experience more rainfall in comparison to other regions of the norther part of the continent of Africa. The summers are known to be sunny and warm. The winter season is relatively mild, but it is rather wet.

Tangier is regarded as being a highly important city as a result of its industrial center. It is only second to Casablanca.

The industries that this city is home to include the textile industry, the mechanical industry, the naval industry, the metallurgical industry and the chemical industry. At this present time,

Tangier possesses four industrial regions. Two of these regions are categorized as free economic zones.

The prosperity of Tangier is heavily equated to tourism, as seaside resorts are plentiful. Many such projects have been conducted as a result of funding made available via foreign investments.

This has led to many construction companies and real estate companies engaging in heavy investments in regard to infrastructures within the tourism industry.

The Tanger-Med port, which is 40 km in length, has a pivotal role in the Straight of Gibraltar that passes through the regions of the continent of Europe and the continent of Africa. The port is used for trans-shipment, export and import.

There is much tertiary agriculture in the region of Tangier. The primary agricultural product is cereal.

Also, the city has delicious tangerines. However, the city does not engage in much export of these delicious tangerines that many tourists enjoy.

There are many artisanal shops in the old city region of Tangier. Thus, tourists can enjoy some wonderful handcrafted items that are made of silver, leather and wood.

Also, tourists will delight in the beautiful traditional clothing, along with the interesting shoes that are truly the style of Morocco.

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