Weather In Morocco- Sunny Day

Weather In Morocco: Best Time To Go

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Weather In Motocco varies from a region to another which means that you can plan a trip during any time of the year.

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However, the best time to visit Morocco is within warm seasons. During the cold seasons, humidity is so increased that your hair won’t stand up. But, if you think you like this feeling, it is worth give it a try.

Taliouine Gorges Morocco

In order to get a nice delimitaion of weather in Morocco, this list below is divided by months:

1 – January – February

Those two months are known for less tourists and crowds than usually. As for January – February, you’ll get those sunny days, but cold nights.

It usually rains, but there’s no chance of snowstorms. The main good thing about visiting Morocco during those months is that you’ll experience a citizen life.

It’s much easier to get in touch with their culture when you are almost the only tourist there.

The average temperature is between -3 C and 7 C.

2 – March

March is just as beautiful as it sounds in Morocco. Flowers are coming out from the rage of winter, and everything seems brighter. It also the best season for surf.

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Gnaoua Music Festival is there to welcome good feelings about this year and a lot of tourists.

The average temperature is between 10 C and 20 C.

As any other ‘ spring – start ‘ there are great rain possibility. But along with the rain, you’ll get to see a beautiful rainbow.

Overall, March seems to be the best time to visit Morocco and its regions.

3 – April – May

While April may sound like a tricky weather, May is a boost of warm. But, within those two months, the humidity decreases, and the average temperature raises up to 25 C.

Landscape Morocco

When everything is already bloomed, Morocco gets the best landscapes for you to photograph. It is the most favorite time for new tourists.

Little warm showers from the Spring Season can still be felt. Somehow, those are the most pleasant parts for people.

While standing in the rain, you’ll get fresh sightseeing from the High Atlas Mountains or deserts. It depends where the rain catch you up.

4 – June

June is considered as one of the hottest times in Morocco. However, is a month that doesn’t bring too many people to this country. Nobody knows why.

But, if you plan a trip to Morocco in June, you’re lucky. The average temperature gives you the opportunity to dress however you want.

Also, there are two regions that are pretty cold during summer: Essaouira, and Tangier.

Hurry up though. June is the last month from which you can visit the desert. During next months, there is an influx of insects and snakes – and it’s hard to be there without getting bitten.

5 – July – August

July and August aren’t favorites when we’re talking about the weather in Morocco. Due to the raised temperature, it’s hard to get there on the street and visit attractions. After all, the desert is ‘ closed ‘ because of the influx.

However, if your country has the summer season equivalent with winter season. Morocco may be a great option. There are brilliant beaches from which you can get the rest time you need.

The average temperature during those two months is almost 40 C.

6 – September – October

September has a fresh air as autumn is coming. Because Morocco is very well covered with forests and plants, the view may be amazing. This is an another ideal time to visit the country.

forest morocco

While the temperature is still acceptable by a t-shirt, those Atlantic breezes are airing up the beaches. The most crowded places will be in the center of Morocco.

October is much better, but it requires thicker clothes and a professional camera. Be prepare to take the most wonderful landscapes back in your country.

8 – November – December

The last to months from a year are not so loved by tourists. However, those cooler days provide a comfortable climate, in order to visit the most famous two regions: Marakesh – and Fez – the old capital of Morocco.

So after what your read about weather in Morocco,What time would prefer to visit this amazing country?

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